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Unemployability TDIU
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Traumatic Brain Injury


ADVOCATE represents disabled veterans who are unable to work due to service connected disabilities. Veterans are entitled to a 100% disability rating if their service-connected disabilities preclude them from securing gainful employment. These claims are usually referred to by their abbreviation “TDIU”. Veterans are often incorrectly advised that they can only qualify for a TDIU rating if they meet certain percentage disability requirements: namely, a single service-connected disability rating of 60%, or a combined service-connected disability rating of 70%. However, a Veteran can qualify for a TDIU rating any time one or more of their service-connected disabilities prevents them from obtaining employment, regardless of the percentage of the disability rating.

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Disability benefits are a critical step toward restoring the lives of men and women who have served our country in the U.S. armed services, but were injured as a result of their service. Yet each year thousands of Veterans have their claims for disability benefits wrongly denied or evaluated incorrectly. When disability claims are denied by the VA, Veterans have the right to appeal to the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims (CAVC). Unfortunately, over half of the Veterans who file appeals to CAVC do not have lawyers to represent them. As a result, many disabled veterans are unable to obtain the compensation they are entitled to and need. Our attorneys review claims that have been denied by Decision Review Officers, Regional Offices, and the Board of Veterans’ Appeals. When we determine that a denial is worthy of an appeal, we offer free legal representation to the Veteran. Our mission is to win maximum benefits for Veterans and their families, from the earliest possible effective date.

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