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ADVOCATE can obtain industrial survey reports from vocational experts, which can be valuable evidence to support a veteran’s TDIU claim. Veterans are often unable to return to their employment due to service connected disabilities. The issue is whether the Veteran has the education, work experience, skills and physical or mental ability to maintain a different job. The VA relies on their physicians to make this determination, but vocational experts are the only professionals qualified to provide an opinion on the issue. Vocational experts compare opportunities in the labor market against the Veteran’s circumstances, offering an opinion about the Veteran’s ability to sustain a different job. ADVOCATE utilizes these opinions, referred to as industrial survey reports, to support the Veteran’s claim of unemployability, due to service-connected disabilities.

For Each Case, ADVOCATE May Provide:

Favorable medical evaluation reports are crucial to the success of a Veteran's claim. The VA has a surplus of physicians at its disposal, which often favor the government by creating reports unfavorable to a Veteran’s claim. Claims are often denied due to negative VA medical opinion evidence. ADVOCATE is committed to defeating these biased opinions, by assisting Veterans in obtaining medical opinion evidence from physicians who do not have ties to the VA or the government. ADVOCATE ensures the quality of these reports by identifying the appropriate medical specialist to evaluate the Veteran’s disability, sending a complete outline of the case for the physician’s review, and forwarding to the physician all relevant medical and non-medical information. ADVOCATE may advance the costs related to securing accurate and unbiased medical opinion evidence.

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